Born in Buenos Aires in 1969 and trained as Maestro Mayor de Obras – Senior Site Builder – at the High Technical School ENET N° 1 Otto Krause, he got his Architect degree from the National University of Buenos Aires FADU-UBA in 1998.

Spanish, English, German



He lives in Switzerland, where he worked for Frank Lüdi Arch. ETH SIA, Lucerne, until 2017, and also independently.

He worked as an independent architect having his office/atelier in Buenos Aires City.

As a co-founder member, he worked for MAS267, association of architects with offices in Buenos Aires City. Within this association he received private and public orders, such as the Chacarita – Lacroze Urban Project for the Planning and Development Department of the Buenos Aires City Government. In 2002 he was invited to the restructuring of the Institutional Area Ensanche La Fe by the City of Santo Domingo. In the year 2000 he received the first Prize for the International Competition The European model of City in Santiago de Compostela.



He has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Switzerland, Chile and Argentina.

He collaborated with the artist Jorge Macchi.

2010/ 2008
He attended art and design seminars on Logic and Technique of the Form, FADU-UBA, and on Combined Art Languages, IUNA.

Drawing and painting workshops with P. Gotfraind and Sculpture workshops with M. Aquilio – IUNA.

Experimental Design Workshop with the architect Clorindo Testa. Torcuato Di Tella University. UTDT



He gave lectures on color for Architecture Morphology Courses. Chair Arch. L. Giordano. FADU- UBA

Teacher at the workshop ‘Visual Arts Initiation’. Extension Area of the Medicine Department. UBA

Teaching Assistant of Architecture Morphology Courses. Chair PhD Arch. R. Doberti. FADU-UBA

Scholarship in Research Formation. National Agency of Scientific and Technologic Promotion. The Inhabit Theory. Directors: PhD R. Doberti / PhD M. Casalla. FADU-UBA




Christen Apartment. Renovation. Hottingerplatz. Zürich.

Macchia House. Interior Design. Villa La Angostura. Argentina.


2018/ 2016
Pivas House: New Building. Gualeguachú. Entre Ríos. Argentina.


Project Designer for Frank Lüdi Architekt ETH SIA, Lucerne, Switzerland.

Graggenthor. Apartment & Commercial Building. Conversion. Old City Lucerne.

Wattenwylstrasse Apartment Building. Feasibility study. Emmenbrücke.

Altstadthaus Multifamily House. Renovation and addition. Sempach City.

Bireggring. Housing Development. Bireggring. Lucerne.

Luzernerstrasse Multifamily House. Replacement Construction. Root.

Libellenweg House. Renovation and addition. Küssnacht am Rigi. Lucerne.


Bertuzzi House. Renovation and addition. Boedo. Buenos Aires City.


Hilty Apartment. Interior Design. Palermo. Buenos Aires City.


Cancino Apartment. Renovation. Palermo. Buenos Aires City.

Becci Apartment. Renovation. Barracas. Buenos Aires City.

Ermocida Dance Institute. Renovation Project. Barracas. Buenos Aires City.


Reinhold House. Renovation. Saavedra. Buenos Aires City.


Rincón Familiar Andaluz. Cultural and Gastronomic Center. Renovation. Boedo. Buenos Aires City.


Palermo Uno Tower. New Building Project Design for G&D Developers. Palermo. Buenos Aires City.


Eiguchi House. Renovation. Saavedra. Buenos Aires City.

Belgrano Railway/ EMEPA. Renovation of the stations buildings. Project Design. Retiro/ Villa Rosa. Buenos Aires. 

Del Caminante Hotel & Commercial Center Project. La Carolina. San Luis Province. Argentina.

Delicity Cafe. Renovation. Av. Santa Fe and Ecuador. Buenos Aires City.


Ricos & Sabrosos. Food Delivery Chain. Brand Image. Inner Architecture. Buenos Aires City and Gran Buenos Aires.


Urban Ideas for Santo Domingo 2002. Congress. Santo Domingo Government. Dominican Republic.

Stone Resto-Bar. Renovation and Interior Design. Palermo. Buenos Aires City.


Urban Project Chacarita-Lacroze. Developing and Planning Department of Buenos Aires City.


Coronel Díaz Apartment Building and Stores. Project for G&D. Palermo. Buenos Aires City

Vilardebó 2 Duplex Houses. New Building. Project and construction. Villa del Parque. Buenos Aires City.

Pedraza 2 Duplex Houses. New Building. Project and construction. Saavedra. Buenos Aires City.


In Association with Vega-Maza Architecture
Ale House. Renovation. Parque Chas. Buenos Aires City.

Quesada House. Renovation and addition. Villa Urquiza. Buenos Aires City.

Bansud Offices. Project Design. Buenos Aires City and Gran Buenos Aires.

Pampa y Cereti Multifamily House. Project and construction. Villa Urquiza. Buenos Aires City.

Carrafanq House. Renovation and addition. Boedo. Buenos Aires City.

Navarro House. Renovation. Villa Pueyrredón. Buenos Aires City.

Lascano House. Renovation and addition. Saavedra. Buenos Aires City.


Designer for Vega-Maza Architecture. Av. Triunvirato 3742. Buenos Aires City




Art Walk 2017. Collective exhibition. Installation. Sculpture. Bremgarten. Aargau. Switzerland


Kunst 14. International Art Fair. Sculptures. Zürich. Switzerland.


The Habit of Drawing. Solo Exhibition. Installation. Sculptures. Drawings. Fundación Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery. Buenos Aires.

KIAF. International Art Fair. Installation. Seoul. Korea.

Open Art 2012. Collective Exhibition. Installation. Roveredo. Switzerland.


National Annual Art Exhibition. Selected for the Sculpture category. Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires.

Photography Contest CPAU. Architecture and Urbanism Professional  Council. Buenos Aires.


Draw / Inhabit. Solo exhibition. Video. Installations. Photos. Architecture and Design Museum of Buenos Aires. MARQ.

Hilonoma. Tecno Sculptures. Collective exhibition. Otto Krause Foundation. Buenos Aires.

A+A. Undrawing Limits. Sculptures. Architecture and Urbanism Professional Council.

Conjectural Poem. Le Corbusier’s Curutchet House. 60 Years. Installation. Collective exhibition. Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires.


The Future is not what it was. OSDE Foundation. Model for the Tower of America (Jannello/ Clusellas/ Kagel).

Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires. CCEBA. Breath. Sound and visual intervention.


Arte Uno Project. Site Specific Works for Palermo Uno Tower. Buenos Aires.

Platt Prize. Selected Installation. Collective exhibition. Isidro Miranda Gallery. Buenos Aires.

Title: The Cow. Collective exhibition. Installation. Graphic Image. Barbarie Gallery. San Antonio de Areco. GBA.

Matthei Gallery. Solo exhibition. ‘The Diver’. Installation. Objects. Paintings. Santiago de Chile.

Expo Arte al Límite 08. Art Fair. Photo. Vitacura Civic Center Santiago de Chile.


Filadelfia Institute. ESEADE Art. Solo Exhibition. ‘Not I’. Installations.

Cube Project II. Solo exhibition. ‘Avatars’ . Installation.

Collective exhibitions. Paintings. Objects. Pabellón IV Contemporary Art.


Retak Contest. Sculptures and Objects. Exhibition Center CGSA.


Electra Design Contest. Selected work. Drawings and paintings. Borges Cultural Center.

400.000 Habitatges Dwellings. Concurs International d’habitatge a Catalunya. Col.legi D’Arquitectes de Catalunya. Barcelona.


Mention Prize. Drawings and Paintings Contest. Calendario SCA. Main Association of Architetcs of Buenos Aires. SCA.

Think=Build=Teach. Collective Exhibition. National Museum of Fine Arts. MNBA. Buenos Aires.


Urban Ideas for Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo City. Dominican Republic.


First Award for the International Contest ‘The European Model of City’. Santiago de Compostela. Spain.


A Roof for Florida Street. Project directed by the architect Clorindo Testa. Torcuato Di Tella University. UTDT. Buenos Aires.


Drawings and Paintings. Collective exhibition. SEU-UBA.


X Architecture Biennial. Architecture and Culture. Santiago de Chile.