2008 / 2007

Solo exhibition.

Arte al Límite. Matthei Gallery.
Alonso de Cordova 2843.
Santiago de Chile. Chile.
Pabellón IV Contemporary Art.
Uriarte 1332.
Buenos Aires City. Argentina.

Curator: Rodrigo Alonso


In computer vocabulary, an avatar is a representation that allows us to inhabit a virtual world. Unlike the one who governs it, the avatar is an incorporeal being, it is pure surface data that moves through spaces of suspected reality. The represented user lives another reality, outside the screen. His is physical, organic, corporeal and sensorial.

In his installation, Adrián Fortunato transcends that barrier between reality and representation. The observer moves around a universe of shapes and stimulus that requires, simultaneously, his/her senses and his/her reason, his/her imagination and his/her analytical ability.

The play on shadows imposes a first sensorial approach, an intimate contact with the most delicate variations of light and darkness. These shadows make the void where they are projected palpable, inducing a silence that is not only sonorous but also spatial.

In this context, a group of repeated figures crosses the room. The repetition generates a rhythm that contrasts with the absolute statics of each module. A thin metal line gives shape to the figures, making them oscillate between the physical reality of the material and the perceptive virtuality of the forms. They are the product of an extreme formal synthesis, a game and a challenge for contemplation.

Overall, this work invites us to meditate on the subtle interpenetration between the world of things and the world of images, the physical and the spiritual worlds.

Rodrigo Alonso



Installation. steel rods. Variable measures 2007.
Montage for Pabellón IV.
Montage for Arte al Límite. Matthei Gallery. 2008