Renovation and extension

Boedo. Buenos Aires City
Original area: 90 m2
Added area 39 m2
Client: Bertuzzi family

original situation – rooms

This is a traditional type of housing developed in Buenos Aires City at the beginning of the twentieth century as a result of the subdivision of the Chorizo House. This subdivision led to small dwellings multiplied along the plot of land. They usually have two big rooms with high ceilings, a kitchen and a bathroom surrounding a little courtyard, which is at the same time the place to enter the house.

The clients needed a large living-dining room and two separated bedrooms. The concept for the renovation and extension took advantage of the high ceilings to make two mezzanines for each bedroom. Demolishing the wall dividing the two former rooms made it possible to have a big living-dining room, placing the staircase to go to the mezzanines in the middle of the space. Therefore, the metallic staircase hanging from the original ceiling, whose shape reminds us of a folded piece of paper, becomes a technological sculpture in front of a red double height wall.

original ground floor
ground floor
stairs – detail
original section
first floor
cross section