Renovation | Bathroom and toilet

Hottingerplatz. City of Zürich
Owner: P. Christen

original situation

The challenge of this intervention was to create a visually bigger room maintaining the existing bathtub and the very light-green Venetian tiles on the walls surrounding it. The shower cabin and basin table needed to be bigger. The first question was which material could fit the existing elements. Because of its texture, color and properties the answer was the gneiss from Ticino, already used in the kitchen of the apartment. The concept to shape the new shower tray, basin table and furniture was to search for unity and therefore very simple: only five blocks attached to the wall. Two of them, the shower tray based on the floor and the floating basin table are made of Ticino gneiss. The other two, the furniture under the sink, also floating, are made of grey lacquered wood. The fifth and vertical one is a mirrored block. The floor and the background wall supporting the five blocks are covered with rectangular tiles made of Ticino gneiss. The central illumination is a hanging white stoneshaped object.

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