Hotel & Commercial Center
Renovation and extension

La Carolina. San Luis Province. Argentina.
Area: 2000 m2
Client: Pena & Partners

original view

An existing large store building, which belonged to an old mine located in La Carolina, was turned into a commercial center and a hotel. The concept to renovate and change the function of this building was to keep the traditional image of thick local stone walls and the structure. As if we had an empty stone box to work inside, four wooden tubes penetrating this box were designed to contain the hotel rooms. The main and larger rooms were located inside three transversal tubes. A fourth tube, placed lengthwise and corresponding with the old hopper, contained the rest of the rooms. Below this tube, on the ground floor, two main entrances were located, one for the commercial center and another for the hotel. This last one was just under the old hopper. The auditorium, a restaurant and stores were also located on the ground floor.

original south east elevation
original general plan
original ground floor
original first floor
original hopper floor
original cross section
original north west elevation
original longitudial section
original south east view
original south west view
ground floor – project
hopper floor – project
first floor – project
cross section – project
south east elevation – project
south west elevation – project
north east elevation – project
south west view
living room under the hopper
south east view
view towards the first floor