Solo exhibition.
Installations. Objects. Video. Photos.

Architecture and Design Museum.
Main Association of Architects.
Avenida Del Libertador 999.
Buenos Aires City.


Director: Hernán Bisman.



Reality in question

This exhibition by Adrián can be seen as a game,
But something needs to be clarified: nothing is more serious than a game.
In games, everything is at play.

This exhibition can be understood as a metaphysics incursion.
This also needs to be clarified: metaphysics is not a question of philosophy.
It concerns everybody and it is a central topic in architecture; Not its mere speculation but its actual exercise.

This exhibition is about drawing and construction, it makes us question them.
It exists so as not to guarantee our calmness.
This exhibition dislocates the boundaries between representation and reality,
Between symbol and substance.


Ostentation of austerity

In this exhibition there is a deliberate restriction of the media; in this exhibition there is a magnification – I do not know if deliberate- of the aims.

Stripping off the color, stripping off the volume and the surface,keeping only the plain black line, keeping the nudity and the rigor of that line.

Showing with it the sensitivity facing the world, a world that becomes unstable, dismantled, ironic.

Using for this line the resources of the stroke, of digitalization, of shadows, which replicate in other registers, of the construction with rods in order to see everything.

Denying the possibility of escape, nothing behind anything.


Going back to another place

Drawing and construction; naively, the means and the aim.
Representation and reality, naively, two different worlds.

Drawing for construction; so, constructing the drawing.
But constructing the drawing without cheating.
Strictly constructing the drawing, without anything not stated by the drawing.

Now the drawing enters reality, a reality that comes back to the drawing.
Those halfway constructions, an astonished blink in front of the real.
Incomplete reality that mentions that every reality is incomplete or a cheat.


Texts by Liliana Giordano and Roberto Doberti written for the solo exhibition “DRAW. INHABIT”. MARQ Archtecture and Design Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Not to be
Steel rods and lacquer. 1.20 x 1.20 x 1.80. 2008.
in collaboration with Natacha Jurberg.
print on paper. 50 x 70 cm. 2010 

print on paper. 50 x 70 cm. 2010