Solo exhibition.
Installations. Objects. Video. Photos.

Architecture and Design Museum.
Main Association of Architects.
Avenida Del Libertador 999.
Buenos Aires City.


Director: Hernán Bisman.


Objects without objects

The two-dimensional drawing
which refers, alludes, constructs three dimensions.
Three-dimensional objects which refer, allude, draw two dimensions.

The virtual image insists on showing a virtual space, such an effective redundancy that it overshadows virtuality everything might be real?

Objects that are not objects, objects that are the drawing of objects.
Canonized designs sharing the same logic with the everyday ones.

Such complex crossings that they only exist for the sharpness of the stroke that shows at the junction, because it is graphic and material stroke.


Not tamed function

Factual function which is dismissed in vital bureaucracy and then simple and naked demarcation of the symbolic function.

Factual function that turns into mere being there, into displaced availability symbolic function that delimits the absence, which delimits the double absence.
Absence of factual function and absence of the available object.

Duplicating the duplication, two unnecessary armchairs.
The absence of two submissive armchairs.

The symbolic function is not beaten and does not enable any contempt.


The task of the look

Drawing is the register of what is present and of what is imagined; the field where it is displayed is necessarily space.

In space, the gesture is performed.

Space collects all the traces: in the sensitivity of the paper, the blinding variations of the screen and in the toughness of the metal rods.

Then, drawing makes concepts spatial.
The consequences of that effort, of that twist, are not less significant: drawing conceptualizes space.
Drawing contains more than the existing and the unattainable.
The drawing is opened and it opens the world: then it will be review and preview.
These drawings and these constructions are not mirrors to look at oneself; they are descriptions of the eye for the description of looking and inhabiting.


Texts by Liliana Giordano and Roberto Doberti written for the solo exhibition “DRAW. INHABIT”. MARQ Archtecture and Design Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

LC2 Line.
Steel rods and lacquer. 0.74 x 068 x 0.68 each. 2008.
M3. Video. 2010
Wire model. 65 x 65 x 7 cm. 2008 

print on paper. 50 x 70 cm. 2010 

M3 Video. 2010