Appartment & Commercial Building
Renovation | Project Design
for Frank Lüdi | Architekt ETH SIA

Old City Lucerne. Switzerland
Apartment’s area: 1331 m2

location plan
main building Graggenthor

The former Trade-Storage Building zum Graggenthor, whose steel frame was produced by Theodor Bell & Cia in 1928, works nowadays as a music school on the upper floors, and as a shop on the ground floor. The plans from 1926 show that the three upper and the two attic floors were free of internal divisions and designated as «trade rooms» -nowadays these floors are divided-. In the middle of the room, the four structural columns could be found. The north-east corner had and still has the access with a lift and a staircase. For the upper floors of the main building renovation, three apartments for each floor are proposed. For that, three high walls will divide the space and define the free surface of the apartments. These three walls are aligned with the four structural columns. In the central space between the columns and by the staircase and the lift, the sanitary rooms, entrances and corridor are concentrated to shape a core. On the ground floor, the main entrance and the shop are maintained. The adjacent building – Mariahilfgasse – holds a bigger apartment.

entrance situation
adjacent building Mariahilfgasse
underground floor
first floor
third floor
second attic floor
south west elevation
longitudinal section
ground floor
second floor
first attic floor
cross section
south east elevation
north west elevation