Renovation and extension
in association with Vega-Maza

Saavedra. Buenos Aires City
Original area: 121 m2
Added area: 172 m2
Client: Lascano family

added construction
view from the courtyard – 3D model

The repetition of this modest type of house, a one-floor chalet with a garden in front and a courtyard behind, defines a small neighborhood in the district of Saavedra.

The clients needed to enlarge the house with an additional bedroom, the main one, and a big quincho / play-room. To preserve the image of the house and the neighborhood, the extension was made towards the courtyard, after demolishing a small and not original construction that was inside it. The main bedroom took the free space between the existing house and the dividing wall of the plot of land, thus shaping a main volume. The quincho / play-room, with its special geometry, formed an annex to this main volume.

northwest elevation
original ground floor
southeast elevation
ground floor