Solo exhibition.

ESEADE Philadelphia Institut.
Uriarte 2472. Buenos Aires City.

Curator: M. Constanza Cerullo


In the year 1968, The Tomb of the Diver was discovered in the south of Italy. It dates from the year 480 B.C. The image of the cover shows a young man diving from a springboard into water.

The representation of this image joins religious and mystic aspects related to Pitagoras’ philosophy of the eternal reincarnation of the soul. It is from this consideration that we should approach Adrián Fortunato’s installations in this exhibition. His works refer to characters that jump, dematerialize, and do not belong to this world anymore.

His video installation Not I shows a character who falls, impacts and dematerializes; he disappears accompanied by the repetition of a sound. With Narcissus, Fortunato proposes a setting that makes us embody the experience of that illusion on the water that led the young man to dive, trying to reach himself and therefore causing his death, or starting his journey to the afterlife. (“Avatares” is an installation that displays 56 silhouettes of a diver made in metal rods of 4mm, which show the sequence of the jump in space)

These three proposals are an interesting interpretation that Adrian Fortunato created from the previously mentioned tomb and these «beings – not beings» that obsess him; as Clorindo Testa said about the artist’s production, «Fortunato and the diver are the same person.»


Architect María Constanza Cerullo
December 2007

Not I.
Video installation in collaboration with Gustavo Zanzero. 2007
Aluminium on coal. 1.50 x 1.50 m. 2007