2018 | 2016

New Building

Gualeguaychú. Entre Ríos. Argentina
Area: 225 m2
Owner: Pivas Family

section and plan diagrams
view from the garden with sun – construction

The orientation of this plot of land along an East – West axis determined the idea of this project: a central double height room with a lengthwise incision on the roof, which lets the sunlight enter the house throughout the day: in the morning coming from the garden side, in the afternoon from the roof and in the evening from the street side. This double height room connects the social and common areas of the ground floor and the upper floor and at the same time divides the two bedrooms from each other as required by the clients. Thus, the two bedrooms remain completely private from the rest of the house with views to the garden. A big garage/multiple use room going directly from the street to the garden was also a requirement. The geometry is simple, the plot of land was divided into two squares: one for the house and one for the garden. The one for the house has a regular grid defining not only the supporting structure but also the proportions of the rooms.

west elevation – towards the street
ground floor
east elevation – towards the garden
first floor