Food Delivery Stores | Brand Image
in collaboration with Carolina Fascetto

Recoleta. Buenos Aires City
Downtown. Buenos Aires City
Martínez. Gran Buenos Aires
Total area of the three stores: 250m2
Client: Kodenczyk family

previous facade

The client needed to establish a brand for food delivery stores. This was, therefore, a work in collaboration with a graphic designer. The first decision was to use a strong contrast of colors to attract customers, in this case the pair orange-blue, which represents warmth and freshness. In order to develop the new brand, the architectural elements needed to be simple to be repeated in the different stores. The challenge was to find a solution only with one element. For that, the concept was to design an orange stripe which went through the space of the shop creating the counter, containing the blue graphic images and dividing the productive zone from the reception area.

counter section
stripes axonometries
ground floor