Renovation | Project Design
for Frank Lüdi | Architekt ETH SIA

Canton Lucerne. Switzerland
Total area: 864 m2
Client: Condominium Weber

location plan

On the one hand the northern adjacent Pfarrhausbögli, in the past perceivable as a caesura in the city, but today covered on the upper floors, and on the other hand the partition in main building and agricultural building, characterize the situation of the plot of land in Stadtstrasse 50.

The existing construction, which was renovated several times until 1955, contains substances from the late Middle Ages. In the main building, the interior divisions made until the end of the 19th century will be maintained. Therefore, the new staircase and the lift will be placed in the south west quadrant. The new construction of the formerly agricultural building is interlaced with the main building and enlarges the useful area of the ground-floor and both upper-floors. The volume of the main building is realigned with the ridge’s height of the adjacent house (plot of land 162) and reorganizes the buildings’ historically reached hierarchy. The caesura of the overbuilt Pfarrhausbögli will again be visible in the structure of the city.

Stadtstrasse facade. Image 1951
Stadtstrasse facade. Image 1996
West facade. Image 1996
ground floor
first floor
second floor
first attic floor
second attic floor
underground floor
section S-S
Stadtstrasse elevation
west elevation