International Concept Competition 1º round
Addition of storeys and Renovation
for raumfalter Architekten & Ciriacidis Architekten

City of St. Gallen. Switzerland
Added area: 1.075 m2
Organizer: Stiftung Textilmuseum

New exhibition room-storey – 5th floor

The new construction complements the splendor of the historic building and is based on the character of the mural palazzo. The plaster on the street façade will be removed to emphasize the original appearance of the brick façade. The cladding of the new storey echoes the material of the existing building. The slight curvature of the new façade fits in with the existing structural tectonic organization of the old museum. The new exhibition floor is naturally lit by zenith lighting along the interior walls. The opening of the skylights reflects the curvature of the walls and creates a sensual museum atmosphere. In the centre of the main façade below the addition, a large window to the city is created. The design of this window echoes the vaults of the new building and thus also the structure of this historic building. As a mediating space between the existing building and the new exhibitions rooms, it presents itself strongly to the outside and allows a generous view of the immediate surroundings. The main entrance below is therefore emphasized even more and arouses the curiosity of the passers-by.

Main entrance facade
Skylight section
New storey-exhibition room – mock-up